China White - 1g
  • China White - 1g
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  • Active Ingredients:
    (thiophen-2-yl)propan-3-methylamine, Ethyl p-aminobenzoate

    What Is China White? China White contains a combination of a Dopamine releasing agent and a legal Amphetamine analogue. Experimental experience should be an increased alertness and generally more upbeat and chatty than normal. Recommended experimental amounts to be used are 150mg per research use. Each Unit is 1 gram.

    Another strong one this. You won't miss any of the party with it.


    Serious Bit: For Over 18s Only

    Like taking anything, overdoing it is going to ruin your fun so follow any guidelines and certainly don't exceed more than 1 packet in 24 hours. Do not consume with caffeine drugs, large amounts of alcohol or large dosages of pharmaceuticals. May cause increased heart rate and short term insomnia. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women or individuals with chronic mental illness.

    This is a research chemical, not intended for human consumption.